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We are a Management Consulting and Systems Integrator, offering a wide range of services from industry-leading technology companies, such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, Huawei, and AxxonSoft to name but a few. Plus, through our collaboration with Cartrack, we deliver telematics to help you effectively manage your moving assets.

KBIT delivers world-class solutions to small and large enterprises within the public and private sectors.

Our customer engagement model provides us with a unique competitive advantage. Every project, no matter how big or small is a partnership between our customer and us. Everyone has skin in the game to deliver. And every customer can call anyone in our company – even the CEO.

Everyone is part of the value chain to ensure timely delivery that meets the budget every time. We believe in going the extra mile to deliver. We are passionate about adding value to our customer and are committed to our clients’ success.

Explore some of our solutions below.

Customised to suit your unique needs

We take time to listen and understand your business before offering a solution. Adopting this approach allows us to provide the correct solution, the first time which ensures project success.

Your goals and objectives in mind

Everything we do and each solution we build has your top priorities in mind. We design solutions for maximum efficiency and productivity - from a systems, process and user perspective.

Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Analyse and predict the best outcomes for your business. Analyse and transform data into actionable progress to control internal and external change. To sense and respond to change is ineffective in this fast-paced economy. Competition is escalating daily. Organisations need to predict rather than respond to situations to stay ahead of the game. KBIT are leaders in Business Intelligence (BI) and Advanced Analytics. With analytics, we ask why something happened, not what. Use BI and analytics to predict and steer the best outcomes for your business.

Vehicle Tracking and Telematics

Keep track of your valuable assets. Monitor and manage your fleet, mobile assets and workforce with KBIT, in partnership with Cartrack. Together, we take pride in enhancing the customer experience by focussing on data analytics and the development and installation of Telematics technology. Through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you can access real-time actionable business intelligence as well as track and recover stolen vehicles.

Intelligent Enterprise – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Create an intelligent enterprise. Intelligent enterprises use their data assets to achieve their goals faster and with less risk. With ERP, you operate with increased visibility, focus and agility. You’ll also empower your employees and reap the customer benefits. Our certified and experienced team of experts can assist you in key areas such as: • Financial Management; • Human Capital Management; • Supply Chain Management; • Customer Relationship Management; • Manufacturing; • Planned Maintenance; • Sales Distribution; and • Fleet Management and Logistics

Enterprise Information Management

Preserve valuable business information. Trustworthy, accurate and complete data is fundamental to your business. In an era of exponentially growing data sources and volumes, it can be challenging to harness the power of data. With the right data management solution, you’ll preserve and secure accurate data, and streamline your business processes. Ensure the dependability of your enterprise data assets through industry-leading solutions, including: • Data Modelling; • Profiling; • Metadata Management; • Data Quality; • Extract, Transform and Load; • Data Migration; • Data Integration; and • Text Data Processing

Student Management Solutions

Track student development the smart way. Monitor the development of students from the day they enter school, through university and into the workplace. KBIT Dreamers Smart School Solution is a student information system which manages the full student life-cycle in one, easy-to-use application. The software program is compatible with multiple platforms.

Enterprise Document Management

Locate vital documents with ease. Your business accumulates more and more paper and electronic documents daily. To find the information you’re looking for quickly, incorporate these documents into your business intelligence processes. To manage these essential assets, and move towards a paperless office, you need a robust Enterprise Document Management solution. In partnership with Doccept, we offer a multi-user document control system to streamline business processes and improve organisation and security.

Integrated Security and Video Surveillance Systems

Identify physical security threats immediately. Keep your premises safe and secure with KBIT’s smart integrated security and video surveillance systems in partnership with AxxonSoft, a leading security software developer. Together, we provide fast response times and exceptional support for all your safety and security needs.

Unified Communications

Connect and communicate seamlessly. Telecommunication provides the backbone for communication. At KBIT, we offer reliable telecom solutions to connect you with your clients. These fundamental services include: • Cloud PBX; • VoIP; • Video Conferencing; • Voice Messaging; • Presence; and • Fibre

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