Welcome to KBIT

We are Khusela Business Intelligence Technologies (KBIT), an award-winning technology enterprise. Our head office is in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Khusela is a word from one of South Africa’s indigenous languages, Xhosa. We chose this word because it reflects what’s important to us. Khusela means to ‘uplift and add value’. We love to create positive change. Whether we’re supporting the communities where we operate or developing innovative technology platforms, we’re developing new opportunities. Using the power of AI, big data and the IoT, we advance Africa into the next digital frontier.

The KBIT footprint extends through Africa, serving predominantly Southern and East, and West Africa.

Our Vision

Turning Africa into a technology powerhouse through innovation. Creating African solutions for African problems.

Our Commitment

KBIT is a team of dedicated professionals dedicated to providing world-class products, services, and support to every customer no matter their size or location. Our commitment, whether you own a single vehicle, or a global fleet is to provide the best first time and every time.

Our Difference

The passion for creating innovative platforms that transcends today.

Our Mission

KBIT has a world-class approach to doing business, your success is our success. As a Systems Integrator, we leverage best practise in all our implementations.

We aim to become a formidable force of vehicle telematics in Africa by leveraging IoT technologies with our unique entry to market strategies and delivering our solutions on a platform that is user-friendly, aggressively priced, and have intuitive capabilities.

How We Work

Creating African solutions for African problems.

Our Goals & Objectives

Design and deliver disruptive go to market strategies leveraging existing networks and channels, to dominate in select niche markets.

Continuously build our brand authority and create marketing campaigns to ensure that we remain top of mind for customers and our partners.

Create value for our customers by delivering on our commitment to innovation and continuous enhancements of our platforms.

Create new revenue streams for our partners in the automobile value chain and related ecosystems.

Our Achievements

SAP Africa Analytics Partner of the Year

KBIT was twice honored for meeting requirement thresholds, demonstrating Superior Results (revenue, market growth, etc.) and Successful Deployments in the SAP Analytics space for English speaking Africa.

SAP Gold Partner Accreditation

Gold Channel Partner Status is achieved through meeting rigorous & stringent SAP criteria in customer satisfaction, deployment, product & industry expertise, as well as proficiency in articulating value of our SAP product offering in several projects.

First SAP HANA on HUAWEI Platform in Africa

First partner to deliver enterprise SAP on next generation Huawei infrastructure. KBIT was responsible for managing the deployment as well as the implementation and testing of the solution.

Our Team

Our fear of being obsolete drives our success. 

At KBIT, we turn that fear into positive energy that propels us to kick down barriers, innovate platforms, and solutions that transcend the present. Thus, fulfilling our main desire of creating intelligent enterprises for our customers.


“At KBIT, we believe in building trusted relationships. This fosters innovation and enables us to provide the best solution to the customer. We do not just resell solutions. We work with you to understand your business, your challenges, and your vision. We partner with you to create value and innovation. We are pioneers. We are KBIT”. 

Francesca Bahle Nxedhlana 
Chief Executive Officer

“At KBIT, we are not just a reseller of software solutions. It is about partnering with our customers to create value. It is about empowering staff through providing collective insight and transforming traditional business processes to meet new opportunities. It is about developing world-class solutions for the unique needs of our continent. It is about leading the way.”

John Mutuma
Chief Operations Officer