MTN started in South Africa in 1994, and they were pioneers – one of the first independent communication networks. Fast-forward a couple of years later, and they are one of the largest networks in Africa.

With footprints in over 24 countries, including Africa and the Middle East, MTN has taken the telecoms world by storm. They have developed a world-class ICT infrastructure, and they bring voice and data solutions to over 30 million South Africans. Some of their more notable projects include increasing the 3G coverage to 65% of the population in 2011 and the biggest LTE network rollout in Africa in 2012.

MTN understand that data needs to be instant and free-flowing when your teams are located across departments and even countries. Therefore, their data solutions will always keep your company in sync and on the move.

MTN believes that everyone deserves a modern, connected life and so do we. And here’s how you can live your best life with MTN and KBIT:

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