Cisco technology is creating a world of potential. They develop, manufacture and sell networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and high-technology services and products. They are also a major provider of VoIP and other telecoms solutions.

Their intent-based networking transforms the way people and technology connect. Their security measures and cybersecurity products also protect you from the hyperconnected world through advanced malware protection, cloud security, network visibility, and segmentation and their secure data centre. 

Cisco enables you to automate your network operations, control access to your network, connect you to a multi-cloud world and improve your business operations. In short, they solve, create, inspire, heal and secure to help you build your bridge to the possible.

Thanks to our partnership with Cisco, KBIT is proud to offer our customers fast, reliable networks and telecoms solutions tailored to your needs. The benefits of partnering with KBIT and Cisco are:

Become a Dealer Reseller

Deliver a world-class tracking platform to your customers. No development + quick time to value.