Harare. Zimbabwe. Award winning SAP Gold partner, Khusela Business Intelligence Technologies (KBIT) have set up offices in Zimbabwe which will provide intelligent enterprises by reinventing business through ICT applications.

The South Africa based company comes to Zimbabwe following President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mantra that the country is now open for business.

KBIT focuses on customer engagement and hybris commerce solutions, business intelligence tools, sap enterprise information management, sap student lifecycle management, and sap fraud management that provide true customer visibility and clarity to clients so that they can operate their businesses successfully and efficiently.

In a speech read on his behalf on the launch of KBIT in Harare on Thursday by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security, Dr Sam Kundishora, Minister Supa Mandiwanzira said it was important to keep Zimbabwe open for business through technology and innovation.

He said Zimbabwe is faced with a unique situation where forces of economic, political, technical, and cultural are converging in a perfect storm that offers the country with both a challenge and opportunity.

“Today I’m confident that Zimbabwe can together reimagine the future and achieve unprecedented transformation through the adoption of digital technologies.

“Innovative technologies can help agencies improve their stewardship of public funds and develop forward-thinking, citizen-centric policies.

“As Big Data technology matures, and government adoption increases, we can expect greater productivity and efficiency, better services, more cost savings, and significant public health improvements,” he said.

Mandiwanzira said it is essential to design connectivity to the people’s need, not the other way round.

“Technology – from Artificial Intelligence to machine learning – will continue to help transform citizens’ lives, but it’s up to public sector organizations with the help and partnerships of technology companies like KBIT to really help improve people’s lives, connecting cities and towns with citizens.

“Mobility is about connecting people and services, markets, assets – and ideas, events, objects, locations, and data.”

He said the ministry is committed to creating an environment where both Public and Private sectors can leverage digital technologies to help transform the lives of the people.

He added that the Government is happy and welcomes KBIT to the Zimbabwean market.

“I am pleased today to welcome KBIT Zimbabwe to our market place and encourage competition to ensure that the investments that Zimbabwe makes in technology are productive and add value to the nation. Zimbabwe is the second largest SAP market in Africa after South Africa.

“That is a huge investment that the country has made and we want to ensure that the investment is fully realized.

“So as an SAP partner we welcome KBIT to provide services and solutions to the market place and ensure that the country gets value and quality.”

Also speaking at the launch, KBIT Africa chief executive officer, Francesca Nxedhlana said KBIT is driven by one goal.

“That goal is to create intelligent enterprises, by reinventing business through innovation, value and simplicity. That journey with our customers will allow us to become a technology powerhouse within the Africa ecosystem.

Speaking at the same occasion, KBIT Africa chief operations officer, John Mutuma said they will offer training and support to both start ups and big corporates.

Source: https://news.sap.com/africa/2018/04/kbit-comes-to-zimbabwe/