In 1997, Fixed Mobile Telecoms brought the world the first broadband internet, and they’ve been shaking things up ever since. Fixed Mobile Telecoms’ technology and solutions are driven by your needs. They listen and focus on the solutions that work for you.

They believe in breaking the mould and put their money where their mouth was in 2018 when they broke the ISP mould with a LEGO®-type modular model which means they build completely different and customised solutions for each customer.

Fixed Mobile Telecoms are passionate about understanding your environment, establishing your real needs and identifying your pain-points. Their solutions are flexible and simple and make it easy to find your solution. They don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, and their telecoms solutions will get you working more productively while saving you time and money.

With Fixed Mobile Telecoms and KBIT, you can expect the unexpected. You can expect to not only ride the wave with them but to create the wave. Here are a few reasons why our partnership with Fixed Mobile Telecoms will benefit you:

  • Enjoy customisable business networks for any size company
  • Experience scalable broadband solutions; and
  • Address your pain-points without being tied down with a contract and red tape.

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