AxxonSoft is a leading security and surveillance software developer. They offer intelligent solutions to their customers and help protect the most valuable assets of governments, institutions, and businesses. They have more than 30 offices worldwide and make the world a safer place with advanced artificial intelligence, neural networks and deep learning technologies.

Their Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and IP Video Management Software (VMS) integrate with most CCTV-type products and devices which means you can have the best surveillance solution and easy integration and application.

Their highly advances software allows users to easily and quickly survey more than ever before and aggregate and analyse that data better than ever before!

Together, KBIT and AxxonSoft offer our clients fantastic surveillance systems, devices and technology and the tools to use the data those devices gather intelligently. The advantages you get from partnering with us include:

  • Increased business efficiency and the ability to do more
  • Enhanced physical security; and
  • Reaching your strategic goals and using your data to make smarter, safer decisions.

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